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There seems to be a real glut of mediocre acoustic guitar players coming out lately, and luckily Daniel Cox is an exception. Cox is an exquisite & clever guitarist from Calgary, Alberta - Canada.

His song writing is full of great melodies and textures as well as being very dynamic with a lot of heart. Adding all these elements together and you've got a special guitarist with a flowing engaging style. This music will dazzle fans of classical guitar music and thrill the players alike. Some of his guitar work is just terrifyingly brilliant. Daniel Cox work is romantic, intellectually stimulating, and distinctive. Highly recommended. thewoodallcompany.com

I would just like to say that you have an amazing talent.. I have listened to many different flemenco guitarists, including Paco de Lucia, and Al DiMeola, and personally I think you blow them away. I will definitly buy your albums and the best of luck. - Senior Electrical Computer EngineerSoftware Intern ( Sonic Foundry )Timothy C. St. Clair

I've played classical guitar for about 35 years and have not heard anything in the realm that approximates the passion and feeling that you have achieved. Truly marvelous music...Paul Guin

Congratulations to Daniel Cox, today's 'Pick Hit Gold' winner! This guy plays the most wicked classical guitar I have ever heard. He totally blew me away! Doug Cornell - amp3.com

I really love your stuff. Someone asked me recently who my favorite MP3c artist is, and I have to tell you - you're it. Just one good song after another - that's what CRACKHOUSE MUSIC respects. www.mp3.com/crackhouse

Your guitar playing amazes me. I listen to Paco de Lucia, Sabicas, Carlos Montoya, Manitas de Plata, Paco Pena, etc. and some of the more recent artists like Strunz & Farah... and you've earned a spot on that list. Milad Ali Ershaghi

TAG TEAM by Chauncey Canfield & RamboBlue Rumba by Daniel Cox(NewAgeWorldMusic) - Guitarist Daniel Cox probably agonized over the decision of where to place his music, finally arriving at NewAge/World Music. Here is someone who is positively bursting out of his genre. Cox's fluid style and diverse compositions incorporate flamenco, rhumba, rock and mambo rhythms and styles. Cox probably draws frequent comparisons to Jessie Cook and Ottmar Leibert, but I find his playing to be much more consistent and compelling than the latter. While his music evokes a traditional flavor, he sounds thoroughly modern, and his virtuosity is apparent throughout. Try any of his tunes and you'll do well. Blue Rumba was one of my favorites. Chauncey The Rambo Report